Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Two lines you need to block Threads from your digital life

Threads, Facebook's Mastodon-compatible microblogging service, started testing today their cross-platform posting. But in between the soon to spawn Fediverse flame wars of who's blocking or defederating who, fret not. The fix is simple. Just append the following two lines in your /etc/hosts file:

fe80::1%lo0 threads.net threads.net

And there you go: you'll never accidentally browse to Threads again. You've successfully cut them out... at least on your computer's level.

Oh and while you're at it, why not go al the way and block all of Facebook/Meta from ever interacting with your computer again? This hosts file I culled from some Github gist contains a blocklist with pretty much all of the known Facebook-related domains on the internet. Just append it to your hosts file like this and it should do the trick:

# cat hosts_antifb | tee -a /etc/hosts

And of course, nothing would stop you from going yet another level up and blocking all sorts of ads with it, too, right?