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Happy 25th birthday, cURL!

Twenty-five years ago on this day, cURL, the hackers #1 web scraping and raw content fetching tool was launched with the name that we carry on today. The rest, as they say, is history, but man, what a marvelous development did that history take!

We human beings like these round numbers for milestones and sure enough Daniel Stenberg, author of curl, is planning a big birthday party celebration for it in about 8 hours from now at 17:00 UTC of this day, complete with a 25-year old bottle of single malt to toast. Virtually, that is.

It's milestones like this that often make me awe in the light of how Free Software flowrishes given an ecosystem of hackers and freedom in which to develop and grow to its full potential. So thank you, all of the community around this wonderful software, for your contributions! May many more years of excellence come!


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