Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Happy (late) 70th birthday, Richard Stallman!

A little late, perhaps, but the message is still valid as ever: Happy birthday, RMS! Enjoy the big 70!

A greyscale picture of Richard Stallman, dressed as Saint IGNUcius

I didn't realize that the man was born just two days after Pi day. That day has got to have some kind of geek influence in people! But regardless, here's me wishing great health, prosperity and many more years of Free Software Activism for RMS. It's not often that I stop and wonder about just how much legacy and influence his works had on me: during these thirteen or so years since my beginnings with GNU/Linux, my whole computing world changed and, with it, so did my vision of privacy and freedom in modern society.

So, a happy birthday to the man who spearheaded the Free Software movement almost a decade before Linux was even released, and founded the Free Software Foundation, enabling the hacking spirit and ecosystem to prosper for decades. May many others come!