Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

I realized that the way I use my computer is so different that other people wouldn't be able to use it

This past week in the office, I left my computer unlocked for about a minute while I went to get some water. It was just enough time for a coworked of mine to spot the unlocked machine, jump into the seat and set up an office prank, like browsing to the rickrolling website, a fake Windows update page, etc.

His prank would have succeeded and I'd have been lectured by my infosec department hadn't he had one small problem: he didn't actually know how to use my computer!

Now let's make it very clear: I was at work, and the computer was running Windows, so none of the Linux-related quirks that I expect to give a Windows-only user a mild heart attack. But even then, this incident showed me one thing: by using (and borrowing things from) Linux for so long, I've essentially started to use my computer in such a way that most other people wouldn't really understand.

This change stacked up slowly and gradually with many quirks so over the years I didn't quite see it, but this incident made it crystal clear. What sort of quirks, you ask? Well, in no particular order:

So in short my specific configuration of my computer makes it almost unusable for most bystander noobs. And this saved me from an office prank. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

Wonder if anyone else has had this situation?