Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

This blog is now mirrored from my own machine

I finally took the plunge and decided to self-host this website in my own hardware at home - a Raspberry Pi. Temporary domain in hand and Let's Encrypt certificate on the other, and now the same content of tilde.town can be found here:


It was fairly straightforward to do it in thanks to EFF's certbot utility, and thankfully the version available in Pip worked well for it (no need to install the snap stack just for it). Give it a try if you'll ever self-host too!

There are still a few inconsistencies between the Pi's version and the tilde.town one. Links are one of them. Because I wrote my original links to point to the relative / path of tilde.town rather than the real / root URL, I have to do some substitution tricks (read: sed and shell scripts) to compensate for them. Notoriously, images at certain posts appear to be missing due to this. Gotta fix later!

In the future, hopefully I can make the workflow the opposite: write locally and mirror the stuff on tilde.town as a backup instead!