Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Trying out OpenBSD, back to FreeBSD

So over the weekend I made a point to try out OpenBSD bare metal to a spare drive in a laptop of mine. Some fun times were had, I learned a few things more about this amazing OS, and eventually did reach my goal: a desktop stack complete with WM and browser. That's it, I'm h4x0r, baby!

However, just this Monday, I found myself getting popping back the HDD cover and sticking back in my old production hard drive containing FreeBSD instead. Whoa, what happened?

I'm guessing I'm not completely ready for it at this point. Don't get me wrong, I think it's an amazing OS with lots of potential, but there's a lot of OOTB stuff that I still have to fix and adjust until it becomes "seamless" to me, and I don't have much time to dedicate to it this week. So, uh, sorry OpenBSD, but I got to go back to an OS that works for me.

I'm not disappointed by the lack of OOTB readiness of it, pretty much any OS requires some decent configuring to make it workable, and to be honest I really haven't spent that much time with OpenBSD to be able to claim anything significant about it. In comparison, I have countless hours, months and years with other OSes to claim experience.

So I'm archiving the OpenBSD project for now, but will be giving it another try in the future. The experience was incredible but I hope to fix the rest of the stuff in the coming months so I can truly get a taste of it. Let's see how this goes!