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In case Artix doesn't recognize your wired connection after suspending

Lately all my posts here seem to be a note to self or something, but since I don't have a better way to jot it down, here it goes again.

After getting gigabit ethernet installed and wired in my place, I was all cavorting about the speeds, even if only through the LAN port of the router. Everything was going great until I suspended the machine for the night and found out the morning after that the connection was dead. I was surprised to find out that the eth0 interface was in a very curious state. connman read it as "connection failure," but upon closer inspection, it apparently had everything one would need to connect to the internet: a link, a local IP address, and even assigned DNS servers.

Even weirder was the fact that the browser was not completely offline: I could still browse searx, Wikipedia and a handful other sites, including the Arch Forums - which proved very handy. After reading a few posts stating it was about drivers of some kernel module I have never even heard of, I decided to go a little bit raw and deal with the devices themselves. Because ip link showed me that there was a connection available, I thought that it could be a problem with DNS. And indeed it was. I backed up my resolv.conf file, removed it, then let dhclient as root work its magic. After it was done, I had full connectivity again.

Funnily enough, connman still reports the connection as a failure, but since everything is working, I'm gonna take it as a false alarm this time ;)

connman error message on eth0

The joys of working with Linux. The things you have to fix are often the ones you broke in first place!