Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Notes from attempting to sys-mode Alpine Linux on the Raspberry Pi 4

A quick-and-dirty set of notes that perhaps will become a real essay in the future:

Installing Alpine Linux sysmode (that is, directly on the disk unlike the traditional load-to-RAM approach) on the Pi is... complicated. The whole thing ultimately feels like a hack and there's always a lingering sensation that you might mess something up and have to start all over from scratch. There's a very complete guide available on the Alpine wiki, thankfully, but even then some of the steps don't always work one-to-one. The overall procedure is summarized as follows:

Except that you still need to configure your desktop (Xorg drivers where?) and the other stuff and in the end, the Pi is still throttled down to 600MHz when idle! Oh well, leave to further investigation in the future...!