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kzimmermann's podcast Episode 023 - using Puppy Linux like a Pro!

Puppy Linux is probably somewhere in your "already tried" distribution list, but likely is not the first distro that comes to mind when you think about "daily-driving material." Chances are that you downloaded it once, used the live session a few times and then sort of forgot about it, choosing other "mature" distros instead.

But what if I told you that, with a few simple tweaks, you could turn it into a robust desktop disto to-go, one that would save your files and shape it exactly to how you like it, enabling you to use your own unique OS in any computer you could boot?

Yes, there's a lot more to Puppy than a rescue boot medium. And I showcase this Pro-level usage in this episode.

Link to PeerTube episode

What is your choice for a "to-go" distro in a USB stick, and why? Let me know in Mastodon!