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Looking for a non-systemd distro that supports Secure Boot. Any ideas?

So I finally decided that a Core i7 laptop with 32GB of RAM is too precious to waste on an OS with systemd, especially since the very thing that it tried to address (faster boot time) has ironically failed miserably for me.

The big hurdle in my case is this: if not for Ubuntu and its derivatives, what other OS exists out there that works with secure boot? A quick search within DistroWatch returns the aforementioned candidates and a plethora of rather obscure distros that I had never heard of, and seem pretty outdated. I'm also sort of surprised that the list of distros do not include Manjaro or Arch derivatives, yet FreeBSD is there. I thought that at least Manjaro used to support it?

And just in case someone come with the bUt kZimMeRmAnN, y dOn'T u DiSaBlE iT??? argument, please see this post.

So that's my question that I sincerely ask the fediverse for help: what OS out there both supports Secure Boot out of the box and does not come with systemd? I know that in some distros, it's possible to "unofficially" add systemd support by signing the bootloader manually, but everywhere I see this process is listed as unsupported, so if I bork it, that's it for me. If there's a distro that does support that, though, I'm listening.

I've been also reminded that it's possible to give secure boot "the boot" and forcefully eject it from a system install despite not having the password, but I'm not sure that I wanna go down that path, it seems that the risk of non-recoverability is even higher. If anyone knows of a less risky way of doing it, I'm also all ears for that.

Thanks in advance, fediverse!