Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Is this the lightest modern Operating System ever created?

Minimalist computing enthusiasts, what was the lightest and fastest distribution you have ever used? Puppy Linux? SliTaz? Perhaps Alpine Linux? Whatever it was, did it fit in 8MB of RAM?

I bet not, and you might be thinking, could anything fit into this little RAM? Believe it or not, apparently Kolibri OS can. According to its own website:

KolibriOS is a tiny yet incredibly powerful and fast operating system. This power requires only a few megabyte disk space and 8MB of RAM to run. Kolibri features a rich set of applications that include word processor, image viewer, graphical editor, web browser and well over 30 exciting games. Full FAT12/16/32 support is implemented, as well as read-only support for NTFS, ISO9660 and Ext2/3/4. Drivers are written for popular sound, network and graphics cards.

Pretty hard to believe at a glance, especially when even a web browser is involved (take that, Firefox!), but if true, this is pretty damn impressive. Props to the developers for working on almost exclusively in assembly language!

Have you ever tried this OS? I wonder if it's x86_64 compatible, then I'd try it in a VM!