Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Privacywashing: the marketing threat to software freedom

After seeing an ad at the train station I usually commute through that said Privacy: that's iPhone, I couldn't help but feel triggered, given Apple gave users' data to the NSA and has been using forms of telemetry for a while, the latest of which probably being the newest release of OS X that required an internet connection to "authenticate" apps before you could use them.

In the meantime, it looks like every big tech company out there has taken to embrace an "I <3 Privacy" approach and point their fingers mainly at Google to make themselves look good and try to win back consumer trust.

I don't buy it - I know better. In fact, if you use Free Software and you're reading this post right now, you probably know too. But what about the close people that I care about? I'm wondering what's the best way to explain the issue to them. How would you explain this the most concise way possible? Let me know!

Link for the episode on Peertube