Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Starting to get a hang of digital artwork

So over the last week I got a hold of a drawing tablet while dumpster diving and decided to try my hand on it with good ol' GIMP, just to see how would it be.

The result: a week's worth of some wobbly artwork, with some Free Software jokes and puns to go with it. Here's some:

What's the magic word?


Freedom Dealer

I'm quite enjoying the process of learning how to use this tool, and would like to try to deepend my skill to produce some more sophisticated artwork someday. In the meantime, though, I'm thinking about establishing my own webcomic of sorts. Just need to think about where I could host it - pixelfed, perhaps? Alternatively, I could open a new section here to hold that series. That could be a fun practice, I guess!

I will try to post every three days or so in the beginning, more to exercise my skills in the beginning.