Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

TFW I'm old enough to participate in the RetroChallenge!

So I just found out about this website: RetroChallenge.org

It seems to align well with my passion for lightweight software and my newfound hobby for old computers, of which I have a few. Ok, maybe they're not that old, but still, giving new life to these once thought useless machines is my new hobby - especially when they are salvaged, not purchased.

Emulate or put to use an older machine? Let's do this - with lotsa Freedom!

The site doesn't exactly state some strict rules, especially in the PC area where the only thing stated is "at least 10 years old or older." And that's a great thing: it means my 2006 Dell Latitude qualifies for it! Come to think of it, it's not that much of a grandpa compared to what some of the winners of the challenge are, but the experiment should be fun regardless. Time to find a new challenging operating system to breathe some life in that ole feller once again - will it be Linux or BSD?

And I couldn't agree more with the statement regarding "winning" the challenge:

Seriously, participating in RetroChallenge is it's own reward. No, I really mean it!

You bet. A self challenge, a learning experience, enjoying the process... you name it. Plenty of personal growth and enjoyment for the anti-consumerist hacker!