Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Damm you again, Javascript!

Unaccessible web design struck me again last evening, but this time hitting me where it actually hurts: money.

After some sort of update, apparently my bank's website became unusable on my computers. I can't yet tell so far if it's an issue on Firefox, Firefox on Linux or just Linux itself (ungoogled-chromium faced the same problems). Upon loading the CPUs go all to 100% and Firefox states that scripts on the page make the page unresponsive. From that point and on, it's either kill the page or lose the browser.

For any other service, this situation would entail an immediate boycott of the site. However, this is my bank and, well, I really need it from time to time. For now, I had to settle for the worst of the worst: the bank's app. But the fight isn't over - why this BS with Javascript? Yet more tracking embedded in the code? Makes me think that maybe the site could even have been hacked (or XSS'ed) and things like cryptominers were embedded.

At any rate, good job, modern web design and Javascript!