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What is up with "Apps" for the Linux Desktop?

There has been a trend, especially after the release of the Steam platform for Linux, of some software developers creating Linux versions of their "apps." These supposedly run natively on a select few Linux distribuitions thus enabling said developers to claim that they have "Linux versions" of their programs, but offering no way to enjoy the remaining Software Freedoms.

Gaming is the major offender here, but with the additional restrictions adopted by DRM, a whole lot of other streaming and other applications fit the "App model" for Linux. This is ludicrous and an app will never suffice for Software Freedom just because "it runs natively." A nonfree App store? Even worse.

In this episode, I talk more about this problem while - ironically - playing a game that falls in this exact model: Ravenfield.

Link to PeerTube episode

Do you think that the "Free App" model is acceptable for Free Software and Linux? What is your experience regarding it? Let me know on Mastodon!