Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Browse the Free version of the web with Redirector!

Earlier this year, I started curating a list of privacy-friendly and Javascript-less frontends of popular web sites. This resulted in the creation of an entirely new repository being created and lots of interesting projects added there.

Making the good practices automatic is a good thing, and up until shortly, I used to manually substitute the original prefixes, in a more or less tiresome manner, prone to error. This all changed when I stumbled upon the Redirector Firefox extension, which does exactly that: substitute a URL fragment for another based on a set of rules. Couple that with frontends like Teddit, that subs in pretty nicely instead of Reddit, and you have a very smooth experience. Plus you can even apply it to things like iFrames, so an YouTube embed can cleverly become an Invidious embed with no change in the experience!

Thus, I highly recommend using this add-on for browsing the Tracking-Free version of the Web, or at least as tracking-free as it can get. You can see my simple example redirector file for an example on where to begin. Enjoy the freedom!