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SimpleScreenRecorder - probably the best desktop recorder available for Linux

I just found out SimpleScreenRecorder, the lightweight minimalistic but powerful desktop recorder for Linux, that has been likened to the equivalent of Fraps for Linux.

After months of doing my PeerTube podcast on a very basic setup on Ubuntu (consisting of recordmydesktop and a shell script to get dimensions and framerate correctly), I wanted to get something a little more complete. Sometimes, it would even chop off the audio halfway, making me end up with only half an episode's worth of content. So began my quest for a new recorder. Luckily, it didn't take long: many recommendations on the internet pointed me to the package which fortunately was available in the Arch Repos (the development version can be compiled from the AUR). Here's a test recording of it, while I play AssaultCube Reloaded:

Link to the video on PeerTube

What do you use to record your desktop on Linux? Let me know on Mastodon!