Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Freenode vs Libera drama and IRC

Late to the party with this notice, perhaps, but I also decided to leave Freenode as my go-to IRC network and join the folks at Libera.Chat like many, many, many - many! - other Free Software projects.

I have no more to add to the huge amount of news material explaining over and over the PR disaster that the "Crown Prince of Korea" has done to even innocent bystander channels in the network, and will simply let my actions speak for me. From now on, you may get in touch with my by running /query kzimmermann in irssi on irc.libera.chat

I think this is also a good time to consider other options of multi-user chat to avoid future Freenodizations of development and support discussions of FOSS projects. Both Matrix and XMPP have webchat clients similar to KiwiIRC and federate for resilience. I'm even told that Matrix may share room ownership across multiple instances, even more protection. And this whole lore makes me reconsider again running an XMPP node with my Pi with good ol' Prosody.