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Opinion: you don't like Linux, you like being free!

Unpopular opinion, but with a tad (or large amount) of truth: if you use Windows at work and hate it, you look forward to using Linux back home not because it's Linux, but because you have the freedom to do whatever you want on those machines.

I never worked (i.e. in an office, etc) with Linux in my life, with the closest being a Mac in a quick gig back in 2017 - everything else was Windows. Ironically, deeply inside I secretly hope that situation never changes. The reason is that if I ever got to use it, it probably would be just as locked up and limited in permissions as with the Windows machines corporate IT issues us today (no root, sudo, etc). Even worse: after repeatedly having to use it for daily work, I could actually grow tired (!!!) of using Linux both at work and home.

However, as this has never happened yet in my professional life, I cannot attest if this would actually happen. Still, I think that really shows that my appreciation is for the freedom that the OS can give me - a point greatly enabled by using Free Software!

(But come to think of it, dotfiles do help make the system very comfy)

Have you ever used Linux for work? Was the experience better or no different than using Windows? Let me know on Mastodon!