Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Happy 13th Birthday, Fediverse!

Wow, thirteen years! Who could imagine that the fediverse was really that old? Although I don't consider myself a sort of a latecomer to this party (joined ca. 2014), I can't imagine how hard and small things must have been waaay back in 2008, and a whole lot less people cared or knew about Privacy on the internet.

This is a good time to reflect back on how far we've come since then, and the memories of our classic times pre-Mastodon and Pleroma. You know, back when the bang ! notation denoted groups and oracle.skilledtests.net produced funny bots. So check this post I wrote a while ago for some storytelling about my history in the federated network on this time of celebration. Lots of "boomer" nostalgia there...

Happy 13th Birthday, Fediverse, and loud honking thank you to anyone ever involved in this saga of decentralizing online socialization. You who you are and you are all heroes.