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How to enable suspend-hibernate in Alpine Linux

Yes, I'm still trying and experimenting with Alpine Linux and gave it a full install (sys mode) it in the machine I found from the trash a few months ago. FreeBSD is still safe and sound since I'm using another HDD that I also found on the trash.

A laptop is not a virtual machine, so power management is necessary to keep sessions alive as human beings go to sleep or to work. Can you do that in Alpine? You bet. Here's how I did it:

  1. Edit /etc/apk/repositories and uncomment the lines containing the community and edge/testing repositories to enable them (along with 90% of all the packages available for Alpine).
  2. Install elogind from the community repos with apk add elogind. This is the clone of systemd's elogind but only the bare minimum to play nicely with Alpine's OpenRC.
  3. Start the elogind service with rc-service elogind start
  4. You now can suspend the system with sudo loginctl suspend and hibernate to RAM with sudo loginctl hibernate.

The end result is a power management system similar to Artix, with one difference: you need to sudo it. I'm not sure how you can remove this requirement, though I know it's possible (in Artix a regular user can do without it). The closest I've got was to edit sudoers and remove the password requirement (sudo is still required).

Anybody got any ideas?