Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

The "technical philosopher" and the IT market

As much as I enjoy or write about it, I still don't see myself as a "technical" person when it comes to Free Software. Time using it does help it a lot, but come down to it, there's lots of things I don't understand how they work or perhaps more precisely, haven't had the motivation to look up.

I think my position is better described as: a Technical "Philosopher" kind of person, who writes about how free software can help individuals and perhaps even change the world, while providing some tips and tricks that can become technical themselves. However, I'm not much of a developer type and perhaps of limited Sysadmin knowledge so I wonder if there are still spaces for people like me in the world of IT.

Will job offerings for "Unix Hacker" or "In-house helpful hacker" start appearing? Because that would be I think the most appropriate title for me, but I wonder if any HRs would approve of such titles.

Do you consider yourself a technical philosopher type? How best do you fit the "corporate" IT world - or do you think it even matters?