Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Insulting move, even more insulting explanation

If there's one thing that pisses me off that pisses me off more about corporate PR people than their marketingspeak is when they try to "talk down" to customers to hide their true message and intention.

"We're sunsetting $SERVICE starting from next month"

Oh yeah, that kind of crap. This though, seems to be the latest, and really does take the cake in my opinion: ISP imposes data cap, explains it to users with condescending pizza analogy (from Ars Technica).

"You've already had your share of bits and bytes (pun intended!!1) of $SITE this month, Billy! Gotta wait until your next allowance comes in!

Not only they're doing an apples-to-orange comparison (scarce physical goods like food vs digital bits that by definition cannot be scarce), but their way of handling the whole situation is absolutely insulting.

Once there was silent traffic shaping: you'd notice that "something" was going slower with your browsing, but wasn't quite sure, and the ISP sort of shrugged it off. Now, though, thanks to the obliteration of Net neutrality, they don't have to hide it. But hey, don't be surprised if your customers start giving you the finger when you patronize and talk down to them.