Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

2021/03/31, 10:04 - loosenin' up the web

As part of my journey to try to limit my mindless wandering of the web without a goal, I realized that the barebones model of plain web pages without barriers (ex: having to use a certain device, a platform, or even a specific protocol) is the best way to make the web more "writable" and unfiltered.

Plain text files hosted in a web server that serves HTTP requests. That's all you need to "speak" today.

No distraction, no hiding, no manipulation and almost no way to track you. That's my goal in publishing from now on, and in obtaining interesting content. Therefore, I'll build a web feed for this so you can read it absolutely barrier-free, and only integrate Mastodon/Diaspora for convenience.

This essentially makes my content write-only as this backend is purely static, but that's part of the goal. And while there are similar propositions for this goal including twtxt, I think mine is a simpler (and more modest) goal.