Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

2021/03/31, 07:08: "Write-only"

To fight the "addictions" that dealing with a lot of web content has caused to me, I'm trying to make an effort to from now on adopt a write-only stance to my interaction with the Internet.

I find that too much of the internet nowadays is exactly the opposite: designed and carefully engineered so that you can may only consume it like a TV feed. Not only that way providers can dominate your attention, but they also are able to passively manipulate you with feelings like lust, fear, guilt or envy to keep consuming more of it. And unlike TV, they don't have to force you to keep watching the show - you will voluntarily keep going back for more.

How do you break away from this? How do you rid your mind of this distraction and start getting more meaning in your life? Jolly good question, but I think part of the answer lies in becoming more active and creating rather than consuming.

From now on, I'll switch to a more "write-only" approach to my internet experience, posting more and reading less. This feed will be my communication with the outer world, and I may make an RSS Feed just for it.

See you around!