Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Status on 2020/12/25, 07:19

I've been thinking about a sort of "semi-disposable" (think: burner) means of communication can be made using temporary and disposable email addreses such as GuerrillaMail or YOP Mail and a combination of GPG and Tor.

Once anonymous identities are established via Tor, two people with mutually-recognized PGP keys could start exchanging messages over these services, with a (brief) history until they burn these identities (and start over in the future).

Of course it could be done with something like Mastodon DMs or even XMPP, but the "burnable" part of the stack is a little questionable. These email providers, however, would probably gladly throw away everything related to the account once you're done with it (GuerrillaMail at least seems to be Open Source).