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Wrestling with the most stubborn and locked-down machine I've ever used

Tonight I won a month-long battle (ok, with a few pauses in between) against an incredibly locked-down machine belonging to my parents that refused to have Linux installed on it. Careful readers might remember the thread I posted about it on Mastodon. There, I ranted about it and for some tips on how to work around its locks. In the end, though, not-exciting-at-all brute force prevailed.

Here's how it went, simplified:

Oh whew... what a downright wrestling match it has been. But the bottom line is that the machine has been liberated and my dad can now test drive it - which he did and told me how impressed with Linux he was, how simple to use it was and etc. Linux wins again!

(Though it was indeed some sort of pyrrhyc victory, at least for my time!)

Have you ever had to work with a very freedom-unfriendly machine like this one? How was your experience? What was the final solution Let me know in Mastodon!

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Last updated on 03/03/22