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Time for #AskFedi: what should I about the CCC congress before going?

Update: nevermind, this year's in-person event was cancelled. But the discussion that this thread has generated contains some interesting information for future reference. Hoping that 2023 can be in person!

Ok Fediverse, here's the thing: as the 37C3 seems to be confirmed at this time, I'm thinking about attending it for the first time ever. After all, it's my first time living in Europe, and even if not in Germany, I've never been as close to it as right now. And seeing that this is also their first in-person edition since the pandemic, time seems right.

Naturally, I have a lot of questions as of how the event is structured that I couldn't exactly find in the CCC website. The best page I could find on the subject is this wiki from the 2016 edition (33C3), which seems to be the latest (or maybe later editions didn't bother with doing a Wiki over again). So, if you've attended a previous CCC event, or are a regular in the business, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the following points:

Luckily the Wiki has lots of other relatively immutable information (like restaurants, hotels, etc) that I believe should still be the same. But truth is, I have questions about events of this sort in general, since I almost never been to any. So I guess there is a last, but the biggest question of all for you guys:

Let me know on Mastodon! Thank you for any reply and answers regarding these questions. I hope the event goes forward as planned and I can meet you there!

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Last updated on 10/17/22