Klaus Zimmermann's Corner

Alice and Bob go Public: when a touch of art can help make a point

Quick post to (belatedly) illustrate Global Encryption Day (October 21 2022): presenting Alice and Bob go Public.

Alice and Bob go Public - a drawing of public-key encryption
Alice and Bob go Public - an illustration of some of the main concepts of Public-key Cryptography. Encryption isn't just for hiding or those who have something to hide. Encryption is an individual right and must be protected. Credit for the artwork: @maluzeando.lettering

It's been a while since I posted any art, but I feel that there should be more of it covering the topic of cryptography - particularly the part of end-to-end encryption. There's nothing scary about it, or illicit. Encrypting private conversations are as natural as the desire to have them face to face with someone - be them your friend, your relative, or your doctor.

And it shouldn't take a single day off the calendar to make us celebrate encryption. Celebrate encryption today, and every day - by practicing it!

Last updated on 10/25/22